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The 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance is a member-driven think tank that tracks changes in corporate IT and digital infrastructure technologies. In return for participating a few minutes monthly in a brief online survey you gain access to vital research and the latest trends in enterprise IT innovation.

Your membership is complimentary and includes complete access to the following benefits:

A Subscription to 451 Research's weekly Global Digital Infrastructure report series (a $20,000 per year value; no charge to members).

The 451 Alliance Bi-Weekly Newsletter (a $1,500 per year value; no charge to members)

Apply today and you'll immediately receive these reports based on our latest research – Corporate Datacenter Trends: Spending Plans, Priorities & Emerging Technologies for 2016; Converged Infrastructure Trends: Spending Rises as Servers Show a Decline; and 2016 Trends in Business Applications

Remember, there is no cost to join, no monthly fees or dues, and the time commitment is just a few minutes a month. Get started with the brief information below:

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