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The 451 Alliance is an exclusive, worldwide network of IT executives and experienced technology professionals. This member-driven think tank tracks changes in corporate IT and digital infrastructure technologies well in advance of other sources. Members gain access to research and best practices in their core areas of expertise in exchange for providing their insights in occasional surveys or interviews.

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Information security, Mobility and wearables, cloud computing, business trends

  • Subscription to weekly 451 Alliance research reports, which are packed with vital data-driven insight into the latest trends in enterprise IT and innovation.

  • The Alliance's biweekly newsletter, featuring easy-to-digest summaries of the technologies and trends showing greatest momentum in our surveys and qualitative studies.

  • Monthly webinars led by 451's research directors and analysts covering the stickiest topics in digital transformation. These webinars provide an opportunity for members to interact directly with SMEs, with recordings available after the webinar for registrants regardless of attendance.

  • Access to the members-only section of the 451 Alliance website, with unlimited access to our research archives and special content.

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    1. The Internet of Things – Endpoint Security Ranks as Top IoT Concern
    2. Corporate Hosting and Cloud Managed Services Trends
    3. Information Security Trends – Overall Security Spending Remains Strong

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