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About the Alliance

The 451 Alliance is a community of IT professionals, tech executives, and tech-adjacent professionals who have banded together for a common purpose: to be heard.

This member-driven think tank tracks changes in corporate IT, digital infrastructure, and emerging technologies well in advance of other sources. Members gain access to research and best practices in their core areas of expertise in exchange for providing their insights in occasional surveys.

Membership Benefits

451 Alliance membership comes with the following benefits:


All applicants receive the member-exclusive report:

2019 Trends in Enterprise IT

2019 Trends in Enterprise IT

  1. 451 Alliance Reports

    This weekly report series presents key findings from the IT research generated by the think tank. Reports track trends in IoT, cloud, infosec, AI/ML, data, storage, servers, digital transformation, and emerging technologies.

  2. 451 Alliance Webinars

    Get invited to monthly webinars on the latest IT research data in a live presentation and Q&A with 451 Research Analysts. Enjoy full access to webinar recordings and slide decks (new in 2019!) in our archives.

  3. Discounts

    Enjoy discounts to industry events, conferences, and other membership organizations that partner with the 451 Alliance, like (ISC)2, ONUG, and Innovation Women.

  4. Alliance Digest

    Convenient bi-weekly digest of can't-miss IT trends, along with member benefit updates and fresh discount offers from our partners.

  5. 451 Alliance Market Insight

    A bi-weekly newsletter of highly curated content for IT professionals, focusing on the topics that interest you most. Get the highlights of each article or open the full report for a deeper dive.

  6. Alliance Archives

    Members get unlimited access to reports, newsletters, and research content from our digital member benefit archives.

How Membership Works

  • Membership is complimentary – there are never any fees to join or renew.

  • Your membership is sustained through your participation in research (e.g., brief online surveys).

  • We do not try to sell you products or services.

  • We fiercely protect your privacy. Member contact info will never be given to third parties, and all member research contributions will be anonymous.

  • As a qualified applicant, you will join other elite members of the 451 Alliance.

Membership Application

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