Our industry-leading surveys track changes in corporate IT and digital infrastructure technologies well in advance of other sources.

The intelligence gathered from our 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance surveys is delivered back to our members – helping them personally and professionally and placing them in an exclusive group. Our weekly report series provides members with critical research and insight into enterprise IT innovation.

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Our Members

A select cross section of datacenter, cloud computing, information security, storage, and other IT professionals worldwide participate in this industry-leading global alliance.

Members include datacenter directors and IT managers from the U.S.; software engineers and product managers from China; enterprise network specialists from India and Singapore; CIOs from the U.K. and Germany; vice presidents of hosting in Moscow and Brazil; semiconductor design engineers from Taiwan; facility managers stretching from Seattle to Dubai – and more.

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How to Join

Previously, the only way to join the 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance was to be sponsored by a current member. But we are presently accepting new members to join this group of experts who spend their lives at the forefront of technological change.

Simply fill out the brief application form and submit. It's that easy and takes only a couple of minutes to complete.

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A message from 451 Research

A special thanks to our Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance members for making this program so successful. Our digital infrastructure research keeps 451 Alliance members 'in-the-know' about the technologies and trends affecting the world around us. Kudos for being a member of this highly prestigious organization!