The 451 Alliance is an exclusive membership organization dedicated to forecasting enterprise IT, technology, business, and macroeconomic trends.

Members take surveys, generating reliable first-hand data that powers expert analysis by 451 Research analysts. Members then enjoy free insights on emerging trends to benchmark their IT and business strategy.



The 451 Alliance Difference

Tech vendors and service providers have an abundance of resources to market their products, but too often they tell would-be customers only what they want to hear.   


The 451 Alliance harnesses the collective voice of its membership to report what’s really happening in IT and business. By sharing their knowledge and insight with the community, members can see through the hype and illuminate the common experiences and trends that affect everyone. 


Membership is complimentary for those who qualify to join. In return for participating in our research, members gain access to the valuable information this community generates in the form of reports, newsletters, webinars, and more. 


The 451 Alliance is a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence.




Who are our Members



Do you belong in the 451 Alliance? You just might, if any of the following describes you:


  • IT Personnel

    IT Personnel

    IT pros from entry-level web developer to CIO
  • Business Professional

    Business Professional

    Working in a leadership or management position with an influence on technology decision making at your organization
  • Tech-savvy Consumer

    Tech-savvy Consumer

    An early adopter or tech trendsetter in your personal life
  • Executive Leadership

    Executive Leadership

    C-suite executives, VPs, and Directors




How Membership Works


  • Membership is complimentary. There are never any fees to join or renew.
  • Your membership is sustained through your participation in research (e.g., brief online surveys).
  • We do not try to sell you products or services.
  • We fiercely protect your privacy. Member contact information will never be sold to third parties, and all member research contributions will be anonymous.

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