About the 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance

The Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance is a network of highly qualified enterprise technology and IT professionals.

This member-driven 'think tank' tracks changes in corporate IT and digital infrastructure technologies well in advance of other sources. Members gain access to research and best practices in their core areas of expertise – intelligence that helps them personally and professionally.

How the Alliance Works: In return for spending just a few minutes a month participating in a brief online survey, you receive critically important research and actionable intelligence based upon the survey results.

Membership is free and includes complete access to all of the following benefits:

451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance Member Benefits
  • A Subscription to our Weekly Global Digital Infrastructure Research Reports (a $20,000 per year value; no charge to members). This weekly report series provides vital research and insight into the latest trends in enterprise IT and innovation – including cloud computing, datacenter technologies, Internet infrastructure services, virtualization, application management, and IT security.
  • The Alliance's Bi-Weekly Newsletter (a $1,500 per year value; no charge to members) – featuring easy to read summaries on the IT technologies and trends showing the most momentum in our surveys.
  • An Exclusive Website for Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance Members – with unlimited access to our research archives.

A select cross section of datacenter, cloud computing, information security, storage, and other IT professionals worldwide participate in this industry-leading global alliance.

Members include datacenter directors and IT managers from the U.S.; software engineers and product managers from China; enterprise network specialists from India and Singapore; CIO's from the U.K. and Germany; vice presidents of hosting in Moscow and Brazil; semiconductor design engineers from Taiwan; facility managers stretching from Seattle to Dubai – and more.