About the 451 Alliance

The 451 Alliance is a community of IT professionals, tech executives, and tech-adjacent professionals who banded together for a common purpose: to be heard. 

IT vendors and service providers have an abundance of resources to market their products, but too often they tell would-be customers only what they want to hear. 

A division of 451 Research, the 451 Alliance harnesses the collective voice of these IT elites to report what’s really happening in IT. By sharing their knowledge and insight with the community, members are able to see through the hype and get down to the common experiences and trends that affect everyone. 

Membership is complimentary for those who qualify to join. In return for participating in market research, members gain access to the valuable information this community generates in the form of reports, email newsletters, webinars, and more.

451 Alliance Member Benefits

  • A Subscription to our Weekly Alliance Research Reports This weekly report series provides vital research and insight into the latest trends in enterprise IT and innovation – including cloud computing, Internet infrastructure services, virtualization, application management, and IT security.
  • The Alliance's Bi-Weekly Newsletter  – featuring easy to read summaries on the IT technologies and trends showing the most momentum in our surveys.
  • Access to the Members-Only Section of the Alliance Website – which contains our research archives.
  • Monthly webinars led by 451's research directors and analysts covering the stickiest topics in digital transformation. These webinars provide an opportunity for members to interact directly with SMEs, with recordings available after the webinar for registrants regardless of attendance.

A select cross section of datacenter, cloud computing, information security, storage, and other IT professionals worldwide participate in this industry-leading global alliance.

Members include datacenter directors and IT managers from the U.S.; software engineers and product managers from China; enterprise network specialists from India and Singapore; CIO's from the U.K. and Germany; vice presidents of hosting in Moscow and Brazil; semiconductor design engineers from Taiwan; facility managers stretching from Seattle to Dubai – and more.



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