451 Alliance Newsletter Archive:

Global Digital Infrastructure Trends Newsletters

2018 Newsletters

6/1/18: Avoiding the Data Swamp, ROI for IoT, Datacenter Manager Concerns
5/18/18: Slow IT Provisioning, Serverless Monitoring Startups, Blockchain in the Datacenter
5/4/18: Blockchain in the Datacenter, Enterprise Networking Trends, Cloud and the Enterprise
4/20/18: Security Budgets Surge, Enterprise Security Advice, Metadata Harvesting
4/6/18: Cloud Transformation, Private Cloud Deployment, Digital Wallets, Datacenter Disruption
3/23/18: IT DevOps, Hybrid Integration Platforms, Mobile Satisfaction, Cryptocurrency Battles
3/9/18: Cloud Procurement, The Right Data, Original Content Key to Netflix Success, CSPs
2/23/18: Security Impact of ‘Spectre’ and ‘Meltdown’, Blockchain Moves Beyond Financial Services, Smart Speakers, ‘Digital Twins’ in IoT
2/9/18: Service Providers Ready for Digital Transformation, Security Impact of Spectre and Meltdown, Smart Home Data Security, What is Unsupervised Machine Learning?
1/26/18: Cloud the Vanguard for IT Transformation, Application Container Market Shows Strong Growth, Consumer Spending Jumps to Highest December Level in 10 Years, Narrowing the AI Knowledge Gap
1/12/18: Hyperconverged a Key Component for IT Transformation, Blockchain Democratizes Sharing and Monetizing Data, Apple, Fitbit & Samsung Releases Prop Up Smartwatch Demand, Partner Highlights from AWS re:Invent
1/5/18: SDI Creates Management Challenges, OpenStack Summit: Finding NEMO, Positive Holiday Shopping Outlook, Cisco & Google Team Up

2017 Newsletters

12/15/17: Ways to Save Money on Cloud, OpenStack Embraces Other Projects, Impact of Unlimited on Wireless Customer Experience, Microsoft Doubles Down on AI
12/1/17: Network Virtualization: SDN & SD-WAN, Tablet Uptick, Data Warehousing Gets Analytics
11/17/17: New Blockchain Markets; AI + CPM; Steady US Economy; Business Productivity Software
11/3/17: New Blockchain Markets; Data Analytics Startups; Business Smartphones; Private Cloud Not Dead
10/20/17: Smart Data Discovery; Container Management; ISP Satisfaction; Customer Experience
10/06/17: Security & Access Control; Container Monitoring; Smart Homes; Machine Learning and AI
09/22/17: Machine Learning Takes Root; BPM Goes Digital; Amazon vs. Netflix; DCIM Catalysts
09/08/17: Pay-as-You-Go Private Cloud; Block-What?; Digital Wallets; Endpoint Security & Cloud
08/25/17: What is Data Fabric?; Data Landscape Management; Next-Gen iPhones; Beyond SIEM
08/11/17: Security Monitoring Is Not Enough; Managed Services; Tablet Satisfaction; VMWare
07/28/17: Container Management; Serverless Computing; Corporate Smartphones; Application Diversity
07/14/17: IoT Activity; Smart Thermostats; Software-Defined Storage
06/30/17: Database Battles; Edge Presence; Unlimited Data; Serverless Architectures
06/16/17: WannaCry Ransomware; Cloud Database Battles; Mobile Payments Security; Datacenter Outsourcing
06/02/17: Hyperscale Hybrid Clouds; Networking; Tablet Purchasing; The Future of Datacenters
05/19/17: Hyperconvergence Challenges; Hybrid Cloud Architecture; Business PC Demand; Datacenter Resiliency
05/05/17: HCI Market Ramps Up; Security & Governance; Corporate Smartphones; Open Compute Project
04/21/17: Flash Adoption; Business Intelligence; Retail Wars; Performance Monitoring
04/07/17: Performance Monitoring; Public Cloud Pricing; Original Content Wars; Colos and DCIM Adoption
03/24/17: DCIM in the Cloud; Hybrid IT; Citizen Developers
03/10/17: Managed Security Services; Collaborative BI; Prefab Modular Datacenters; Membership Survey Highlights
02/24/17: Hadoop in the Cloud; WBA Takes Down Fraud; Consumer Cloud Storage; Containers vs. VMs
02/10/17: Cloud Security; Applied Behavior Analytics; Large-Screen Devices; Enterprise Search
01/27/17: The Great Cloud Debate; Machine Learning; Galaxy Note 7 Recall; Networking is Hot
01/13/17: Public Cloud Prices; Continuous Data Integration; Smart Home Tech Growth; Data Platforms

2016 Newsletters
12/30/16: Bots in Business (Part 2) - Artificial Intelligence - Streaming TV - Medical IoT
12/16/16: Bots in Business - Machine Learning - Mobile Payments - OpenStack's Newton
12/02/16: Datacenter Failures - IoT Security Attacks - Wireless Providers - Data Analytics
11/18/16: Multi-Cloud Environments (Part 2) - EMV Adoption - Consumer Tablet Demand - VMWare
11/04/16: IoT Security - Machine Learning - Business Tablets - CDN Providers and Datacenter Costs
10/21/16: US Presidential Election - Digital Transformation - Smartphone Buying - Automotive Security and the IoT
10/07/16: Multi-Cloud Environments - Software Testing - Corporate PC Demand - Digital Transformation
09/23/16: Bots Startups - Cloud and SMBs - Online Checkout - Open Source Public Cloud
09/09/16: IoT Security - OpenStack Market Growth - iPhone 7 Demand - US Datacenters Make the Grade 
08/26/16: Data Analytics in the Cloud - Service Providers and SaaS - Consumer Smartphones - Functions-as-a-Service
08/12/16: Next-Gen Enterprise Integration - Li-ion Batteries in the Datacenter - TV Providers - Payments and the IoT
07/29/16: Datacenters for the IoT - Cloud Cost Reporting - Business Smartphone Buying - Compliance at IBM
07/13/16: Renewable-Powered Datacenters - the Bots Revolution - Smartphone Security - IoT Connectivity
06/24/16: DCIM Adoption - IoT Security - Smart Homes - Cloud Commoditization
06/10/16: Device Data Traffic - IoT Security Challenges - Mobile Payments - Liquid Workforce
05/27/16: Application Container Wars - Security Compliance - New TV Platforms - Cloud Storage Choices
05/13/16: Datacenters Getting Hotter - Connected Cars - Hadoop Turns 10 - Digital Transformation
04/29/16: Security as a Service - Corporate Smartphones - Datacenter Power Management
04/15/16: IoT and the Datacenter - Cloud Transformation - Streaming TV - Security Strategies
04/04/16: 5G Potential - Consumer Tablet Demand - Security Survival of the Fittest
03/18/16: Worldwide Cloud Pricing - TV Streaming Devices - Datacenter Interconnect - Cloud & Economies of Scale
03/04/16: Consumer Cloud Storage - Legislation and Hosting Providers - Software for Renewable Datacenters
02/19/16: Data Threats - Datacenter Utilization - Apple iOS 9
02/05/16: 5G Innovation - Mobile Payments Security - Database as a Service 
01/20/16: IT Security Staffing - iPhone 6s Owners Sound Off - Mobile Payments in 2016
01/08/16: Paris Climate Accords - Windows 10 - Cloud Service Outcomes

2015 Newsletters

12/22/15: Iot Opportunities - Containers on the Rise - Smart Automation in the House
12/04/15: Attack of the Bots - Emerging Datacenter Technologies - Dropbox Aims for the Enterprise
11/20/15: Prefab Datacenters - Ransom Attacks - On-Premises Holds Strong vs. SaaS
11/06/15: Choosing Public v. Private Cloud - Apple Watch Mobile Payments - Identity and the IoT
10/23/15: Reactions to the Dell/EMC Announcement - Physical & IT Security Converge - Storage-Class Memory
10/09/15: The Uberification of Cloud - Colo Trends - Windows 10 - EMV is Here
09/25/15: Bare-Metal Servers in the Cloud - Corporate Smart Phones - Shifting Storage Budgets
09/11/15: Public Wi-Fi Security - Consumer Cloud - Microsoft's Quest to Cut Carbon
08/28/15: Datacenter Security - Wearable Tech - Moore's Law
08/17/15: Enterprise Texting - Hyperscale Takeover - Dell and the Internet of Things
08/03/15: Comparing Prefab vs. Traditional Datacenters: It's Not Apples-to-Apples
07/17/15: Enterprise Flash Usage - Greenpeace - The Promise and Peril of the Internet of Things
07/02/15: Datacenter and the Cloud - Future IT Trends - Cloud Service Escrow
06/12/15: Datacenter Software Suppliers - Business Tablets - Hardware Satisfaction
05/29/15: Google Wireless - Vulnerability Management - Embedded Datacenters
05/08/15: Cloud 2.0 Goes Mainstream - Disaster Recovery - Security Analytics
04/25/15: Cloud Price/Performance Comes Under Pressure - Renewable Energy and the Datacenter
04/10/15: New FCC Regulations and the Cloud
03/27/15: Cloud Platform Choice: A Crucial Strategic Decision
03/13/15: Datacenter Power Efficiency: It’s Not the Only Goal
02/23/15: Critical Security Flaws Leave Datacenters Vulnerable
02/06/15: Black Swans of the Security Industry
01/20/15: Six Disruptive IT Trends for the Coming Year
01/02/15: Strange Bedfellows: Apple and IBM Tackle Enterprise IT

2014 Newsletters

12/09/14: Non-Datacenter Owners: Not Pouring Concrete Anytime Soon
11/21/14: Green Datacenter Metrics: Do You Measure Up?
11/07/14: DCIM to the Rescue: Tackling Comatose Servers
10/24/14: U.S. Business Forecast: Mostly Sunny
10/09/14: Threat Intelligence
09/24/14: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Facilities
09/08/14: Can the Apple ‘iWatch’ Spark Demand for Wearable Devices?
08/28/14: Gone in a Flash? The Next Gen of Storage Tech
08/15/14: Datacenter Designs in the 2020s
08/01/14: Consumer Use of Cloud Storage Services
07/18/14: Net Neutrality and Consumer ISP Trends
06/30/14: Momentum in Corporate Smart Phone Buying Plans
06/13/14: Datacenters -- Ten Years After
05/29/14: Tech M&A – The Bulls are Back
05/07/14: Tech Giants Make Big Datacenter Investments
04/23/14: Amazon Opens Its Desktop as a Service to the Market
04/11/14: Datacenter of the Future
03/28/14: China and India: Cloud Markets Shaped By Government Initiatives
03/14/14: Information Governance: Stalling at the C-Level?
02/26/14: Advice to Datacenter Owners: Involve Operations from the Start
02/14/14: 2014 Tech M&A Outlook: Feast or Famine
01/31/14: Forces of Change for 2014 - Mobility, Storage, Security, and Networking
01/17/14: Datacenter Operator Survey Results: Capacity vs. Budgets
01/02/14: The Future CIO & the Innovation Mandate