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04/22/22   The Conflict in Ukraine May Indirectly Trigger More Cybersecurity Investment,How the Conflict in Ukraine Could Impact Datacenters, Businesses Switching Up Gears on Digital Transformation (DX), But Not Everyone Has a Plan

03/11/22   Disrupting Data Quality Management With the Engineering Methodology

02/25/22   Could Peru Be Latin America’s Next Datacenter Hub? Business Tablet and PC Buying Down but Stable, Apple Tops Business Smartphone Purchasing

02/11/22   California Genetic Data Privacy Protections Go into Effect, TuSimple Performs First Driverless Truck Run in Arizona, Amazon Leads in Smart Speakers, but Google is Making Inroads

01/28/22   In-vehicle Payments: Fasten Your Seat Belt and Get Ready to Shop! Renewable Energy at the Datacenter: How Beijing Is Leading Industry Regulation, IoT in Healthcare: the Philips Story

01/14/22   What Sets ESG Leaders Apart, M&A Still Running Hot, Maybe Artificial Intelligence Isn’t All That Smart

12/17/21   2021: A Year in Review for the 451 Alliance, Can Connected Car Services Be a Differentiator in a Competitive Auto Industry? The Great Resignation vs Great Rehiring: Workforce Diversity May Hold Key to Bridging the Staffing Gap

12/03/21   Cloud-Based Software Products Benefitting Large and Small Organizations Alike, Big Uptick in Laptop Demand as Companies Equip Employees for Mobility, Buy now, pay later: Q3 consumer insight

10/22/21   How to Optimize to your Cloud Services, HCI’s Growing Role in Hybrid IT and Edge Computing, Smart Speaker Market: Amazon Dominates but Google is Strong Second

10/08/21   Data Privacy Brings Dark Patterns to Light, The Rise of the Machines, Hospital-at-Home: How COVID-19 Accelerated IoT Adoption