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August 2022 The Role of Digital Workplace Technologies in the Future of Work
February 2022 How Cloud Native Is Enabling the Next Generation of DevOps
December 2021 Enterprise IoT Outlook 2022: What’s Working and What’s Not
November 2021 Annual State of the Datacenter Address

September 2021

Inside the Warp-Speed Evolution of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

August 2021

The Future of Work: Implications for Technology Leaders

July 2021

Journey to the Cloud: What Comes Next?

June 2021

Measuring the Customer Experience: Benchmarking your Maturity

May 2021

Disaster Recovery & Data Management Push Storage to the Breaking Point

April 2021

Driving IT Transformation in Extraordinary Times

March 2021

Security in the Time of Pandemic

February 2021

The State of Enterprise AI in 2021

January 2021

Enterprise DevOps Evolves With Cloud Native, Security and Business

December 2020

The Keys to IoT Project Success

November 2020

An Aerial View of Cloud Computing in 2020

October 2020

The Ongoing and Future Impacts of COVID-19 on Business

September 2020

Annual State of the Datacenter Address

August 2020

Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Bringing IT Stability to a Disrupted World

July 2020

Disaster Recovery and Data Migration in the age of Cloud Storage

June 2020

Data-Driven Experience Economy in the Age of COVID-19

May 2020

Evolving Analytics to Thrive amid Data Growth

April 2020

Preparing Your Business for the Digital Future

March 2020

Benchmarking Enterprise Application Security

February 2020

IoT Technology Roadmap

January 2020

The State of Enterprise AI

December 2019

Setting the Standard for Cloud

November 2019

Still Relevant: How Datacenters are Evolving

October 2019

How To Avoid a Frankenstein Workforce Experience

September 2019

Unpacking Workload Deployment Strategies

August 2019

Reducing Infrastructure Cost with Cloud and AI

July 2019

What Does DevOps Maturity Look Like?

June 2019

Information Security in 2019: Unsolved Problems in a Changing Landscape

May 2019

Speedbumps and Shortcuts: Letting Data Drive IT Strategy

April 2019

So Who’s Deploying IoT Anyway?

March 2019

2019 Trends in Cloud Hosting & Managed Services

February 2019

Digital Transformation and the Role of the IT Department: Waxing or Waning Influence?

January 2019

The State of Enterprise AI Adoption

December 2018

Data Growth Challenges and the Rise of Cloud Storage

November 2018

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Infrastructure Teams

October 2018

Pain Points and Perceptions in Information Security

September 2018

How is Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Evolving?

August 2018

Who Controls the Cloud at Your Organization?

June 2018

Keeping the Lights on During Digital Transformation

May 2018

Cloud Adoption and the Maturity Journey

March 2018

Top Storage Pain Points and Emerging Technologies

February 2018

IoT an Internet of Things Reality Check

January 2018

Digital Transformation Driving Big Changes in 2018 for Enterprises

October 2017

Datacenter Transformation Starts with Staffing

June 2017

Enterprise Security Trends for 2017

April 2017

Benchmarking Your IT Organization Part One: Budgets

April 2017

Benchmarking Your IT Organization Part Two: Structures

April 2017

Benchmarking Your IT Organization Part Three: Skills