Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Reports

03/13/24   Advanced services to drive public cloud spending in 2024

10/11/23   Improved experience, enhanced productivity, cost reduction drive application modernization

09/13/23   Cloud maturity brings organizational IT change

07/12/23   Existing and net-new workloads are mostly cloud-bound

04/12/23   Enterprises increasingly aware of new developments in silicon in the cloud

03/29/23   Cautious optimism is the watchword for cloud spending

01/17/23   Hybrid/multicloud strategies take shape and challenges emerge

01/03/23   Networking functions are seen as integral to cloud-native practices

10/16/22   Cloud skills gaps present a persistent barrier to IT initiatives

09/20/22   Value sought and gained in observability tools differs

07/06/22   Cloud permeates nearly every facet of data platforms technology

05/17/22   High capex costs push cloud storage into a leading role for data protection

03/16/22   IaaS/PaaS Public Cloud Provider Selection: What Matters?

10/06/21   The Cloud Complexity Storm and the Changing Organizational Dynamics of IT

07/14/21   Public Cloud Pushes Further into IT Estates, but the Future is Hybrid

05/19/21   COVID-19 Driving Surge in Enterprise Cloud Adoption

01/13/21   Enterprises Seek Security and Oversight Controls in Public Cloud

12/09/20   COVID-19 Driving DevOps and Cloud-Native Initiatives in the Enterprise

12/02/20   Data Storage Management is Key as Cloud Goes Mainstream

09/09/20   Tracking IT Plans for Cloud and Hosted Services