Customer Experience Reports

Customer Experience Reports

03/06/24   Digital transformation strategies accelerate, align with EX and CX

12/20/23   GenAI disrupts balance in customer experience vendor selection

06/28/23   Merchants look to optimize payments, fraud prevention and digital experience strategies

05/25/23   Financial pressures could lead to an overhaul of customer experience systems

02/14/23   Digital-first drives customer experience technology adoption

11/15/22   Flexibility and convenience win out as top customer experience trends

09/27/22   Data protection and privacy concerns begin to shift consumers’ priorities

06/28/22   Merchants double down on payments, fraud prevention and digital experiences

04/20/22   Brands and Merchants Have a Ways to Go to Meet Consumer Expectations for Digital Engagement

02/09/22   Digital Transformation Pressures Fuel Strategic CX Investments

11/24/21   Businesses Undergoing Mindset Shift in How They Select Customer Experience Vendors

11/24/21   Apple’s Epic Battle: What it Means for Payments

11/10/21   Financial Organizations Must Prioritize Customer Experience and Technology to Drive Loyalty

10/20/21   Gen Z and Millennials Prefer ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Over Traditional Credit Cards

09/08/21   Impact of ESG on Customer Experience & Commerce

08/25/21   Data Privacy and Security are Cornerstones of the Digital-First Consumer Economy

08/11/21   Merchants Look to Optimize Their Payments Strategies for Digital Growth

06/09/21   The Multi-Pronged Impact of Fraud on Customer Relationships

06/02/21   E-Commerce Acceleration Puts Focus on Fraud, Customer Experience

05/26/21   Understanding Organizational Dynamics and Investments for the Data-Driven Experience Economy

05/05/21   The Rise of Connected Experiences

04/21/21   A Changing Data Privacy Landscape Reshapes the Customer Experience

03/03/21   Companies Accelerating Digital Investment, Leadership Amid COVID-19

01/08/20   Improved Job Market Lifts Consumer Confidence