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07/10/24   Banker optimism on loan growth increases in Q1 2024

06/05/24   The need for payments modernization is growing as concerns over inflation, economy drag

05/30/24   Consumer sentiment and spending hold steady despite economic pressures

05/01/24   AI drives focus on IT spending as SME tech spending intent turns positive

02/28/24   Seasonal pullback in consumer spending plans as credit card dependency remains high

02/14/24   2023 ends with strong spending intent, positive 2024 outlook, but concerns linger

01/31/24   2024 IT spending acceleration hopes hit amid new macro challenges

01/17/24   Fintechs' commercial opportunity with financial institutions continues to grow

12/27/23   Businesses wary of GenAI security; IT bears brunt of borrowing difficulties

11/29/23   Consumer holiday spending outlook shows less cheer than last year

11/16/23   US tech spending intent dips slightly in Q3, but is poised to resume positive trajectory in Q4

11/01/23   IT spending shows signs of recovery, but is generative AI driving the change?

10/04/23   ESG leaders show greater resilience to economic challenges even as adoption cools

09/27/23   Dropping inflation curve fails to boost sentiment of US businesses

08/30/23   Consumer sentiment improves year over year as spending remains steady

08/25/23   Overall tech spending intent improves in Q2 2023, likely to remain slightly negative through Q3

08/02/23   SME IT spending sentiment for Q3 2023 takes a turn for the worse

06/14/23   US organizations find borrowing is hardest since 2010, but easing of prices is a silver lining

06/01/23   Consumer confidence in employment increases even as broader economic sentiment falters

04/20/23   SME IT spending for Q2 2023 expected to remain low, but signs of resilience emerge

03/22/23   Core requirements continue to drive IT budget increases, with a careful eye on economic conditions

03/08/23   US business outlook remains negative, software services expect recovery in early 2023

02/22/23   Post-holiday lull for consumers after rising prices fueled overspending

11/21/22   Consumer holiday spending expected to pull back after surge in 2021

11/07/22   SaaS adoption remains strong despite IT spending cuts among SMEs

10/25/22   Environmental impact has considerable weight in enterprise IT spending decisions

09/06/22   Businesses blame energy and fuel prices for unfettered inflation

08/30/22   Small-to-medium enterprise (SME) IT spending in Q3 to drop amid economic uncertainty

08/23/22   Cost of living squeezes household budgets

06/28/22   Merchants double down on payments, fraud prevention and digital experiences