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7/18/18 - Special Report: The Impact of Digital Transformation on IT

7/11/18 - Enterprise IoT – The Rising Tide of Data
6/27/18 - GDPR Drives Compliance to Top of Security Project List for 2018
6/20/18 - On-Prem vs. Off-Prem - Waters Grow Murky
6/13/18 - Spending Holds Firm: Confidence and Expectations Improve

Cloud Computing Reports

5/9/18: Maturity and Adoption Fuel Acceptance of Public Cloud
2/7/18: Hosting, Cloud and Managed Services Trends: Workloads Moving to Hosted Cloud Environments
11/15/17: Corporate Hosting & Cloud Managed Services Trends: Azure Catches AWS for Cloud Mindshare
10/25/17: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends: Performance Matters for IaaS/Public Cloud
9/6/17: Corporate Hosting & Cloud Managed Services Trends: Service Reliability Most Important Attribute
8/30/17: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends: Cloud Spending Dips – Trained Staff Needed
7/19/17: Cloud Management Platforms
6/22/17: Corporate Hosting & Cloud Managed Services Trends: Hosting & Cloud Services Spending Outpaces Overall IT
5/10/17: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends: Cloud Spending Strong – Non-Cloud Deployments Still Lead
4/26/17: Corporate Hosting and Cloud Managed Services Trends: Hosting & Cloud Services Spending Strong
4/5/17: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends: Cloud Budgets to Increase in 2017
2/15/17: Corporate Hosting & Cloud Managed Services Trends: Growing Interest in Managed Services
1/18/17: Reliability and Cost are Most Important in a Cloud Vendor 
11/30/16: The True Value of Value-Added Cloud Services
11/02/16: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends - Cost Savings Key Factor for Adopting Cloud
10/05/16: Corporate Hosting and Cloud Managed Services Trends
08/10/16: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends - Strong Cloud Spending Bolsters Infrastructure as a Service
02/24/16: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends: Spending Strong as More Apps Move to the Cloud
11/24/15: Corporate Cloud Adoption and Spending Trends
09/16/15: Making the Most of Cloud: Datacenter Networking
09/09/15: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends: Robust Growth Rates as Apps and Workloads Shift to the Cloud
06/17/15: What Does Private Cloud Really Cost?: A Look at the 451 Research Private Cloud Price Index
05/27/15: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends: Amazon Leads a Growing IaaS Market
02/25/15: Corporate Cloud Computing Trends: Uptick for On-Premises Private Cloud

Datacenter Reports

5/16/18: Corporate Datacenter Trends – Public Cloud Takes Root
2/28/18: Corporate Datacenter Trends: Colocation on the Rise
11/1/17: Corporate Datacenter Trends: Top Priority Next 90 Days – Improve IT Asset Utilization
7/26/17: Corporate Datacenter Utilization and Organizational Dynamics
5/17/17: Corporate Datacenter Trends: IT Infrastructure Spending Is Strong
4/19/17: Corporate Datacenter Trends: Improving Existing IT Asset Utilization – Top Datacenter Priority
2/1/17: Datacenter Spending Flat – Aging Infrastructure Drives Refresh
07/27/16: Corporate Datacenter Trends - Datacenter Spending Slows but Staffing Levels Set to Rise
04/27/16: DCIM Software - Adventures in ROI
03/30/16: Corporate Datacenter Trends - Facility Spending Jumps
01/06/16: Corporate Datacenter Trends - Spending, Priorities, and Emerging Technologies for 2016
12/02/15: 2016 Datacenter Technology Trends
10/07/15: Corporate Datacenter Trends - A Look at Datacenter Consolidation
08/17/15: Datacenter Infrastructure Management and Beyond - 451 Research Datacenter Software Guide
07/01/15: Corporate Datacenter Trends: The Search for Capacity
06/03/15: Energizing Renewable-Powered Datacenters 
04/15/15: Corporate Datacenter Trends: Consolidation Remains a Primary Focus
02/18/15: Global Prefabricated Modular Datacenter Forecast
01/22/15: 2015 Trends in Datacenter Technologies

Internet of Things Reports

7/11/18 - Enterprise IoT – The Rising Tide of Data5/2/18: Apple Watch Drives Wearable Growth
1/3/18: The Internet of Things: Security and Technical Support Required Attributes for IoT
10/04/17: The Internet of Things: IoT Gains Enterprise Mindshare – Spending on the Rise
7/12/17: The Internet of Things: IoT Security if a Top Priority
3/29/17: The Internet of Things: Compelling Business Need is Driving IoT Spending
12/28/16: IoT Spending Remains Strong
10/19/16: The Internet of Things - Endpoint Security Ranks as Top IoT Concern
05/11/16: The Internet of Things - Benchmark Survey Looks at Early Use of IoT

Digital Infrastructure Reports

6/20/18 - On-Prem vs. Off-Prem - Waters Grow Murky
6/4/18 - Corporate Storage Trends: Resiliency and Adaptability Affect Infrastructure Plans
4/25/18: A Look at 2018 Workload Trends
12/13/17: Corporate Storage Trends – Large Enterprises Planning to Move Backup Copies to Public Cloud
12/6/17: "Converged Infrastructure and Server Trends: Overall Satisfaction High With Hyperconverged Vendors
9/13/17: Corporate Storage Trends: Public Cloud Storage Services Most Popular
8/09/17: Converged Infrastructure and Server Trends: Container Usage on the Rise
6/14/17: Converged Storage Trends: A Closer Look at All-Flash Adoption
6/07/17: Converged Infrastructure and Server Trends: Increased Spending on Hyperconverged Infrastructure
3/22/17: Converged Infrastructure and Server Trends
3/01/17: Corporate Storage Trends: Budgets and Objectives for 2017
12/14/16: Converged Infrastructure Trends - Spending on Data-Optimized Infrastructure is Strong
11/16/16: Corporate Storage Trends - Emerging Storage Tech Gaining Traction
09/14/16: Converged Infrastructure and Server Trends - Spending Remains Strong
08/24/16: Corporate Storage Trends - Cloud Storage Growth Continues
07/15/16: Software-Defined Infrastructure Report - SDI Expected to Boost Storage Growth Rates and Cloud Adoption 
05/25/16: Converged Infrastructure Trends - Strong Growth for Hyperconverged
04/06/16: Corporate Storage Trends - A Look at Overall Spending and Software Defined Storage
03/02/16: Software-Defined Infrastructure Spending and Adoption Trends
02/10/16: Converged Infrastructure Trends - Spending Rises as Servers Show a Decline
01/29/16: Corporate Storage Trends - A Look at Storage Spending
11/11/15: The Openstack Pulse 2015
11/04/15: Converged Infrastructure Trends - A Look at the Benefits vs. the Barriers
10/28/15: Interconnection 101 for the Enterprise
10/14/15: Now Shipping - The Docker and Containers Ecosystem Takes Shape
09/30/15: The Emergence of Hyperconvergence
07/29/15: Business as a Service - The Digital Disruption of Outsourcing
07/22/15: The API Economy - How Bits of Code are Empowering Our Business Relationships
07/15/15: Data Protection on the Road to 'Zero Backup'
04/29/15: The Rise of Integrated Platforms and Convergence
03/25/15: Are Small Consultancies Best for Big Data Projects?
03/11/15: Networking: Where Is the Industry Headed in 2015?
01/28/15: Is 2015 A Tipping Point for Storage?
01/14/15: Hybrid Multi-Cloud Shakes Up Development, DevOps, and Middleware

Information Security Reports

6/27/18 - GDPR Drives Compliance to Top of Security Project List for 2018
3/21/18: Information Security Trends – Cloud is Driving Shift in Security Spending
12/20/17: Information Security Trends: SDLC and Security Go Hand In Hand for Large Enterprises
9/27/17: Information Security Trends: Security Skills Are in Short Supply & Hard To Find
6/28/17: Information Security Trends: Preventing/Detecting Insider Espionage Not Adequately Covered
4/12/17: Information Security Trends: User Behavior is the Top Security Pain Point
1/11/17: Hackers/Crackers Remains Top Security Concern
09/21/16: Information Security Trends - Overall Security Spending Remains Strong
06/22/16: IT Security Spending and a Close-Up Look at Endpoint Security
06/08/16: Smartphone Privacy and Security - Owners Weigh In
03/09/16: Information Security Trends - Key Info Security Threats
12/16/15: Information Security Trends - Top Security Threats and SIEM Adoption
08/13/15: Information Security Trends - Latest 451 Alliance Survey Looks at Top Info Security Threats
05/13/15: The Hybridization of Network Security and 'Performance as a Service'
04/08/15: Information Security Trends: IT Security Spending Remains Robust
02/04/15: The Information Governance Myth

Other Enterprise & Economic Trends Reports

7/18/18 - Special Report: The Impact of Digital Transformation on IT
6/13/18 - Spending Holds Firm: Confidence and Expectations Improve
4/18/18: Consumer Spending Trends – Big Improvement in Spending but Confidence and Expectations Slide
4/11/18: Connected Home Trends: Echo Show Finds Success by Mixing Alexa with a Touch of the Familiar
2/21/18: Consumer Smartphones: 90 Day Outlook: Smartphone Buying Slows but Apple and Samsung Demand Strong
2/14/18: Best 1Q IT Spending Outlook in Nine Years – Software Spending Holds Firm with Best October in 10 Years
1/31/18: Special Report: A Look at 2018 – Shift to Off-Premises
1/24/18: Business Software Spending Outlook – Software Spending Holds Firm with Best October in 10 Years
1/17/18: Digital IT Transformation
1/10/18: Wireless Service Provider Trends – Perceived Value Driving T-Mobile’s Growth
12/27/17: Consumer Digital Wallet Trends – Digital Wallets Still Struggling to Gain Wider Adoption
11/29/17: Consumer Smartphones: 90 Day Outlook – Latest iPhone Releases Drive Smartphone Demand to Three-Year High
10/18/17: Consumer Spending Growth Dips as Confidence Continues to Weaken
10/11/17: Data Analytics: What's Hot and What's Not
9/20/17: Business Software Spending Holds Steady – Strongest July Reading in a Decade
8/23/17: Consumer Mobile Payment Trends: Security Remains Key Hurdle as Digital Wallet Demand Dips
8/16/17: Consumer Smartphones: 90 Day Outlook
8/2/17: 3Q 2017 Corporate IT Spending Trends
7/21/17: Another Improvement for US Economy: Strong Jobs Growth
7/06/17: Consumer Mobile Payment Trends: Overall Demand Settles Back but PayPal Makes a Move
5/31/17: Business Software Spending Outlook: Spending Growth Dips but Remains Strong
5/25/17: Consumer Smartphones: 90 Day Outlook - Smartphone Demand Sinks to 9 Year Low
5/03/17: Consumer Spending Report: Consumer Spending Gains Momentum But Confidence Drops
3/15/17: Key Trends in Data Analytics and Platforms
3/08/17: Business Software Spending Outlook: Jolt of Momentum for Software Spending – Strongest Outlook in Six Years
2/22/17: Wireless Service Provider Trends: T-Mobile Takes Top Spot in Satisfaction
2/8/17: Consumer Smartphones: 90 Day Outlook
1/25/17: Smart Home Market Gaining Speed
1/4/17: Demand for Wearable Devices on the Rise
12/21/16: New Signs of Improving US Economy
12/07/16: Business Software Spending Outlook - Downtick in Overall Spending
11/23/16: Consumer Smartphones - New iPhones Drive an Upswing in Smartphone Buying
11/09/16: Bumps in the Road - Correcting the Course for Women in STEM
10/26/16: Business Trends Report - Growth Slows for US Economy
10/12/16: Application Hosting - Web Presence and E-Commerce
09/28/16: Slowdown in Business IT Spending
09/07/16: Reaction to Brexit - 451 Alliance Weighs in on the UK’s Exit from the EU
08/31/16: Weable Device Trends - Demand for Wearables Drifts Lower
08/17/16: Software Spending Outlook Holding Steady
08/03/16: Device Payment Options Becoming Key Battleground
07/20/16: Consumer Tablet and PC Demand Trends - iPad Pro Leads Among Tablet Buyers
07/06/16: 3Q Quarterly Business Trends - Modest Improvement for US Economy but Outlook Uncertain
06/29/16: 3Q 2016 Corporate IT Spending Trends - Small Improvement in Business IT Spending
06/15/16: Software and Data Are Reshaping the Advertising Market
06/01/16: Wearable Technology Trends - Uptick in Wearable Tech Demand
05/18/16: Business Software Spending Outlook - First Improvement in Over a Year
05/04/16: Consumer Mobile Payment Trends - Mobile Payment Use Holds Steady
04/20/16: Consumer Smartphones - Leap for Samsung as Smartphone Buying Slows
04/13/16: 1Q/2Q 2016 Quarterly Business Trends: US Economy Remains Sluggish
03/23/16: 2Q 2016 Corporate IT Spending Trends - Spending Slows
03/16/16: Business Software Spending Outlook - Spending Remains Tight
02/17/16: Wearable Technology Trends - A Dip in Demand, but Apple and Fitbit Remain on Top
02/03/16: Connected Car Trends - Excitement Builds but Safety and Security Are Obstacles
01/25/16: 4Q 2015/1Q 2016 Sector Findings 
01/22/16: 2016 Trends in Business Applications
01/13/16: 4Q 2015/1Q 2016 Business Trends - Few Signs of Momentum for U.S. Economy
12/30/15: 1Q 2016 Corporate IT Spending Trends
12/09/15: Business Software Spending - A Tightening in Software Spending
11/18/15: Wearable Technology Trends - FitBit and Apple Out in Front
10/21/15: Apple Watch Owners Report
10/14/15: Reaction to the Dell/EMC Announcement
10/02/15: 3Q/4Q 2015 Business Trends Survey Report
09/23/15: 4Q 2015 Corporate IT Spending Trends
09/03/15: Time for Work: Smart Watch App Development Turns to the Enterprise
08/26/15: Business Software Spending Outlook - Software Spending Holds Firm with Relatively Strong Outlook
08/05/15: Consumer Mobile Payment Trends - Market Heats Up as New Services Ready for Launch
07/08/15: 2Q/3Q Business Trends Survey Report: U.S. Economy Remains Steady
06/24/15: Consumer Tablet and PC Demand Trends: Tablets Trending Downward
06/10/15: 3Q 2015 Corporate IT Spending Trends: Uptick in U.S. IT Spending
05/20/15: Consumer Wearable Technology Trends: Considerable Demand for Wearables
05/06/15: Business Software Spending: Pace of Growth Flattens
04/22/15: Consumer Mobile Payment Trends: Apple Pay Outperforming
1Q/2Q 2015 Sector Findings: IT Software & Services and Healthcare Lead This Quarter

03/31/15: 1Q 2015 Corporate Quarterly Report: US Economy Held Steady Despite the Weather 
03/18/15: 2Q 2015 Corporate IT Spending Trends
02/11/15: Consumer Wearable Technology Trends - Security Remains a Concern
01/09/15: 4Q 2014/1Q 2015 Sector Findings – A Look at the Top 3 Sectors in Latest 451 Research Survey
01/06/15: 4Q 2014/1Q 2015 Corporate Quarterly Survey Report: Positive Signs for U.S. Economy Going Forward
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